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Anti-wrinkle injections, often know as Botox®, are a form of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A, which causes muscle to relax. Targeted application of anti-wrinkle injections can be effective in reducing deep wrinkles in the lower and upper forehead as well as wrinkles around the eyes, or so called ‘crows feet’. Botox is a safe , effective and trusted treatment for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkle. Botox is a central treatment in the concept of youth rejuvenation and is the leading treatment in our Dublin, Cork and Killarney clinics.

Botox injection's reducing deep wrinkles.
Anti-wrinkle injection's time of effect

The reduced muscle movement allows the skin to rejuvenate with a reduction in wrinkle formation, and a smoothening of existing wrinkles. Relaxation of the targeted areas becomes apparent after 4-5 days with maximum effect being reached after 14 days. At Visage Clinic all of our patients return at the two week period for review and assessment of results, continuity and review is an important aspect of any anti wrinkle treatment. Results can last 3-4 months, regular application of Botulinum toxin can offset the aging process, resulting is a more youthful, fresher appearance.

The main focus of Botox treatments is to treat dynamic wrinkles and lines and to prevent the formation of static lines and deep furrows. Regular Botox treatments are very effective for softening heavy static lines and grooves by allowing for reduction in wrinkle formation over a period of time. At Visage Clinic our Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A treatments result in a relax, refreshed and rejuvenated face. Enough of the science though….what most people want to know is, ‘Does Botox Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Work?’ Simply, put, yes it does!

Anti-wrinkle injections, relax face, refreshed face, rejuvenated face.

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Visage Clinic. Before / after anti-wrinkle injections procedures

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